Mighty Heroes at Pediatric Behavior Therapies is an ABA therapy company that provides ABA services to children with autism, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, ADHD, behavior disorders, and typically developing children who engage in behavior that interfere with their daily lives.


Who We Are

At Mighty Heroes, we will never claim to be the hero in this story. Your child is the hero. Our team is here to be your child's sidekick on their journey through life to help them accomplish their goals.  We are excited to be there to see what your child will accomplish. 

Diah Askari, MS, BCBA (AKA Behavior Man) is a behavior analyst who has been practicing in South Florida for 9 years. He wanted bring together a group of individuals who want to bring out the best in the children we work with. Mighty Heroes' core belief is that all children have their own individual strengths and interests, and ABA therapy should not only focus on skill deficits, but also focus on what makes all children who they are. With this, we can unlock the power of individuality, and help all children lead lives where they can be great in something that they enjoy.

Applied Behavior Analysis


Applied Behavior Analysis is the application of the science of human behavior towards populations of need to effect positive changes in their lives.

ABA therapy is a empirically based therapy, that utilizes evidence-based practices to achieve favorable outcomes towards an array of populations. ABA therapy is the gold-standard of therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorder as demonstrated by decades of research.


Mighty Heroes Blog

Check out our blog that covers different areas of applied behavior analysis: parent training, autism, tips, science, and more!

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